Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Fam.

(minus Aimee in this photo!)
Its always a whirlwind and I squeeze as much as possible into my trips home. While in MN for the annual CSB girls weekend, I had breakfast with my family. They are such a great group and a giant twinkle is added to the mix with Mr. Matthew - my nephew. Everything he says is funny. Attempts are made to capture all actions. And I just wish I could spend more time with him. He knows who I am though, and when you ask him where I live he quickly spouts, "Seattle!". Awww.

Grandma P made the trip in crazy, terrible MN weather. Love her.

People took turns wearing Matthew's Spiderman sleeping bag.

And we had a great breakfast together. Even if just for a few hours, it was good to be home and with family. I miss them!

And if you want to laugh, just press PLAY. This video is the best...and an example of how kids can just make your day in an instant.

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