Sunday, March 23, 2008


Its Easter today. Happy Easter! I didn't go to church. I haven't been very religious for a while and for a long time it weighed on me heavily. At some point in the last several months, I sort of let go and allowed myself to be who I am, and not feel badly about a lack of religious involvement in my life. And it feels good.

I did go to my own little version of church though in talking to grandma Peg today. She had been to mass several times throughout Holy week and in one of the services the pastor actually asked the congregation to act out the story of Jesus washing the apostles' feet. The congregates actually sat and allowed someone to wash their feet and then swapped and did the same for another person. Grandma P said this had always sort freaked her out. Feet. Washing. Someone else touching her feet! But for some reason this time she decided to participate, and in his homily the pastor spoke about the act of doing something for someone else. How the opportunity to do something for someone is present in our every day lives. Whether its opening the door for an elderly person, being a listening ear for someone in need, giving a hug or just consciously thinking nice thoughts about other people, we should be present in our daily lives and make this effort of doing things for people something greater than just every once in a while or when we feel like it. We have this opportunity and really why not? Be conscious. Be present.

To me that seemed pretty powerful. And of course Grandma P tells just about anything in a way that chokes you up or moves you in some way I'm sure I've missed some of the power in her delivery, but in any case, its a great message. Thanks, Gram!

Happy Easter.


la said...

great little drawing? did you do that?

tim said...

Greek Easter is coming up at the end of the month, so there's still time to get your faith on!