Sunday, March 16, 2008

bikes and beers. lots.

Bess invited me to volunteer and attend the Bike Works Sixth Annual Auction at the University of WA last Saturday. J was supposed to be her date, but had to go out of town at the last minute. And just by splendid coincidence, Lisa and Pete were also volunteering. A great Saturday night.

Originally Bess had asked me as a favor. Let me see, a cool event for a great cause and the beer and wine are free all night. Tough call.

Being that I'm hoping to make this summer my biking summer, it was a great inspirational kickoff for me. Bikers are cool! And Bike Works is a great organization. Kids are given the opportunity to learn bicycle repair over eight class sessions, then swap hours of community repair for their own recycled cycle. It takes 24 hours of "Earn-a-Bike time" outside of class to earn a bike.

A sucker for silent auctions, I started penciling in my 266 all over the place. As the cutoff time loomed, I started noticing I was still winning on more items than I was willing to pay for. A quick scribble out, and a swoop in during the five-second countdown, and I walked away with a bike rack for my car.

Then we drank Mothership Wit.


Here's me with my auction WIN!


la said...

sweet pics, bikeariffic! can you send me or burn me a cd of the reflected bikeworks pics i took? and perhaps you bikeworks pics in general? i'll send and or burn you a copy of Scott and Toms game night pics!
that would be great lady, thanks

bess said...

me, too, please.

Katy said...

this is great fran. there should be a bike works twin cites fersure. huh. i think dave could start it. your scarflette is fab. i ordered one from etsy. lovely. ya ya, kt

andrea said...

the scarlette was made by my friend doreen! I wonder if you bought one from her! Crazy. She lives in NYC. Hmmm....And yes! tell Dave to start up a Bike Works! He would rock.