Saturday, September 8, 2007


I didn't realize how fragile I still am. Yep, pretty fragile.

I would say my glass is nearly full all the time and I thrive on being happy and bright and living life to its fullest. Despite having been through some intense hardships in the last year or so I've done a good job of looking forward, being positive and keeping a smile on my face.

I learned something this weekend that made me sad. It went straight to my soul and my heart just closed. I think it closes pretty easily these days. I hope someday it can stay open even when it wants to close so badly and protect itself. I fear being fragile forever. Only time will tell.


hales02 said...

hugs to you. call me, doll

jhoran403 said...

fragile is also good...I don't like hardened biker chicks, unless they're on the back of my hog--then I say "the harder the better." Hell she can even punch me in the face.