Friday, September 21, 2007


Its been crisp lately. Fall is definitely here. I absolutely love Fall. I love a MN Fall more than anything but Seattle does the trick too. Its amazing how fast you can go from August and its happy bright sunshine to September's more stale sun and dark blue skies. Cozy. Crockpot out. Used for making appropriate "nesting" chili.

For me, Fall is such a mixture. It represents change in more ways than just the season or the leaves. Fall marks anticipation: for school to start, for the volleyball season to start, in going off to college, pulling out my coats, leaving the whimsy of summer and beginning to take everything just a bit more seriously. Fall also seems to be a really reflective time for me. I think through past significant moments in my life and recall them in such detail. I go for long runs - knowing soon I won't be able to with winter's scarce sunlight - and exchange my headphones for contemplative strides over leafy sidewalks. January marks the new year, but for some reason Fall always seems like the start. Fall arrives and I look back on all that has happened since last Fall and the Fall before that one and I can't believe I'm here. In this spot. Living this life.

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suzie said...

So well put. And I agree.. there is nothing like a MN fall, I miss it.. Wish I was closer so we could share some of your chili..