Monday, September 3, 2007

debbie's visit.

I love my mother. She is so fun, easy-going, ..a "free spirit" she likes to call herself. Often times I call her Debbie because though she is and will always be my mother, she is also "Debbie" which I like to think is her character name. Suits her perfectly as the quirky, happy, little self who will talk to and hug anyone, leaves the cupboard doors open, and doesn't always hear you. Debbie. We had so much fun! It was great to have a family member in town to show them my life. My mom met my friends and co-workers. She spent time in all the different neighborhoods and drove around looking at condos and furniture with me. Real life stuff + some touristy stuff. I miss her a little today as my apartment is back to my single self. I wish she was still here to make me another smoothie.

Wine + friends Bess and Wendy


Mom under the cars at the Seattle Art Museum

Madame K's for pizza. Feather boas provided.

Golden Gardens' sunset over the Olympic Mountains

Dirty mom-and-daughter pedicured feet from the beach

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