Thursday, July 19, 2007


Growing up I always knew I'd be "friends for life" with my girlfriends. This is still true even with one of them in Hong Kong, the other in Chicago and myself in Seattle. Then I went to college and met another bunch amazing women and as we approach the ten-year mark to the fall season we all first met, I'm certain we too are "friends for life". Over the last six years since graduation and entering into the world of offices, paychecks and no more summers off, I've met some of the most lovely people. I had never expected to add co-workers to my list of "FFL", and yet, a handful of them are my very best friends. One of them noted he doesn't have a single mention or picture on my blog. So here goes, Tim. My relationship with Mr. Tim all started with an invitation to "cook" him hamburger helper at my apt. You see, Tim is a restaurant connoisseur and is well-connected in the Minneapolis restaurant scene. He loved my hamburger helper though, and over four years later we are insanely close (and I don't make HH anymore). For a duo with a fifteen year age difference, we both act like we're about 6 when we're together. Lots of crude comments and stupid humor and he is quite possibly the funniest person I've ever met. Spending time with Tim is like an addiction. You simply cannot get enough. Tim has also been an incredible sounding board for just about every major decision in my life: to buy a condo, which condo to buy, which couch to buy, which renovations to make, moving to Seattle, new job, newer job, relationships, on and on and on. When stewing over just about anything he is usually the first phone number I dial and he's always insightful and gives great advice. He's smart, fancy, fun, well-read, a good listener, a good conversationalist and he has a toilet that washes your private parts. All who meet him love him. Me included. I've also come to meet and spend holidays with his sister, Sue, and her family who live here in Seattle. Tim will be out here visiting early next month. I can't wait.



Gracie's Mommy said...

what a great post.. You are lucky to have FFL from all the different eras in your life.. I feel lucky to be included in that group!

Jora said...

Dude...FFL from Corcorn deserve a photo too!! Tim got like 4- I think Kes and I need one. Maybe something old school!!