Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mt. Adams Day 2

Miraculously the morning brought clear skies and the wind had finally stopped. Up we went. Crampons on and ice axe in hand I climbed. It was beautiful, terrifying, difficult, exhilerating and so totally exhausting. We didn't summit. We were able to reach just over 11,000 ft. when another bout of bad weather came through and we decided its better to be safe than sorry. I'm not sure I could've reached the summit as I was really struggling. But once we put our snowboard pants on and sat in the snow to slide down I think we were all pretty happy. Its called glassading, and its called really fun. Overall, Adams was the most difficult experience physically in my life thus far. I'm not sure I will climb another mountain, but it would be fun to summit one day. Give me some time to let those hormones kick in that make experiences like childbirth seem appealing again after completion. Glad to be alive!

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hales02 said...

HOLY $h1T! The pics and videos make the story even more amazing and real. Kudos to you, doll. You are amazing. If you ever do it again, I will with you. Maybe in a warm place??? Olives.