Friday, June 29, 2007


I saw the movie Once last weekend. I fell in love instantly. I couldn't figure out if the movie was so powerful to me after what I've been through this past year or because of the music in the film. ...or both, frankly. Music has the amazing power to recreate a feeling or memory and often times memories conjured from music are either intensely wonderful or intensely sad. I love music...I love playing. Love listening. Love watching. I haven't actually played an instrument in a few years but when I did I experienced some of the most passionate moments of my life. The nervousness of getting up in front of people to perform. The feeling of accomplishment when you finally nail a part that's been difficult and play it without any mistakes. Being one, tiny part of someone's intricately woven piece and bringing it to life. All good stuff. Music can also be an incredible connection for people. Whether its singing "Piano Man" with your pants down at Sal's bar and thrill in St. Joseph, MN (i never did that), watching a concert, or actually playing music together..I hope its a part of my life always. Grandma, fire up those piano lessons again!


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