Tuesday, June 12, 2007

making babies.

Ladies gathered on Sunday to celebrate William L. Flannery coming into this world...and let's be honest, his mom's success in getting him here. Nice work, Michelle! There's a beautiful and dramatic change happening as more and more of my girlfriends become pregnant. I looked around the room and wondered who will be next? How many will Michelle have? How will Mitch's pregnancy/labor go? Its difficult to not feel pressure and a bit of sadness as I couldn't be further from the baby club. But I'm completely happy in where I am in life and in the meantime I'll just hold everyone else's babies...and then send them home with their parents and get great night of sleep. Wink! Some things will never change, but many others do and it was wonderful to watch my great friend be a mother this weekend. Congrats Birdy. Love you gals.

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