Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running for hours.

We arrived in Newport, Oregon late Friday night. We had specific things to do: FINALLY actually register for the marathon happening the next morning - you know, the one for which we had been training for four months - then check into our hotel, and prep everything for the 5am wake-up call. Luckily things went off without a hitch! We had a five hour drive and five and a half hours to make it to registration before it closed. We arrived with four minutes to spare. We then checked into our hotel, set out all of our race clothes and morning food, and iced our legs before turning out the light. This was now official business.
The race too lacked much of the drama one may anticipate when thinking about running 26.2 miles. We were nervous for sure and this being Tyson's first marathon race definitely made things special. But when we crossed the start line and the race began we just ran and ran and ran, and did some laughing and singing and cheering. We did an oyster shooter at mile 11.
The scenery was beautiful and even the little spritzes of rain couldn't touch our good time. Tyson and I both agree that we had a total blast running this race together. It wasn't until mile 22-ish...maybe mile 23 that I started not having fun. Then by mile 24.5 I was actually very close to throwing up. Deep breath. Another one. One foot in front of the other. And when it was all over I nearly fell over with an asthma attack. But we were done! We did it! With a PR to boot: 3:55:51.
Once I was able to breath we made our way over to the tent that served runners a free bowl of clam chowder and a beer, and from there the celebrations began. We ate a lot of food. We showered and changed. And then we drove around Newport and checked out the views.

The weather cleared up and the clouds and rain burned off to leave behind warm sunshine.
We drove north along the coast, with spectacular views around every bend, until we saw this spot of paradise = The Pelican Brew Pub nestled up right on the sand looking out at an amazing view of the ocean. Sitting there in the sun I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and also a little pang of curiosity as to why I am so lucky.

When we made it to the campground just outside of Cannon Beach it was a pleasant surprise to find it was FREE on account of State Parks day! Suhweet! There was no question that it didn't matter if it was a sleeping pad or a bed, we were exhausted and sleep would be easy to achieve. On Sunday we headed into the little adorable town and had brunch, coffee and one last walk on the beach.
This was such an great weekend! Considering we ran a marathon, which was huge and really the whole reason for the trip, it was great to end up piling on so many other amazing experiences. And riding along in the car next to Tyson on a road trip is just the best. We have the best time. 

I'll end with this amazing set of signs we saw at a turn-off for a viewpoint. Wow. All good things. 

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