Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good stuff!

It just so happens that lately we've had an abundance of culture on the social calendar, which inevitably always makes me say some iteration of, "Why don't we do more stuff like this?"

First I was invited to the opera by the little (awesome) girl that I mentor, Willa. Having never been to the opera I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. It was SO interesting. From the moment I stepped into the lobby I was entranced by the menagerie of people busily moving around me - from artists to professorial-looking gents, to assumed stick-up-their-bums types, it was a sea and a spectrum to delight the senses. THAT was all before the opera even started. The opera was Mozart's the Magic Flute and even though we left before the end it was a pretty incredible show. There was all sorts of humor and beautiful costumes, and of course, wonderful singing. I loved my first opera. I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to see another.

We had some friends in town and staying with us from Montana last week too. Guests are usually a great opportunity to do things you don't normally do because you're in entertainment mode = Lets show them all sorts of cool things in Seattle. The Seattle Art Museum offers free entry on the first Thursday of every month and we took full advantage. The result was a surprise rockin' party! Nick Cave's exhibit: Meet Me At The Center of the Earth was in full effect complete with a dj and costumed dancers performing in their crazy and colorful and hairy art pieces. Other attendees were dressed in crazy outfits and it was just great! At one point I captured a video of an (dare I say it) old and awesome lady (she had white hair) and she was dancing to the dj! Good times. I'll try to get that vid on here as its sure to make someone's day.

Then on Friday Tyson and I checked out an acoustic Citizen Cope show at a teeny bar in Ballard that blew me away. He is pretty much the bomb.

Did anyone else listen to this interview of the Beastie Boys on NPR the other morning? I laughed out loud multiple times on the vanpool. I cannot wait to see their new 30-minute video complete with an all-star cast!

Happy days.

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