Thursday, November 4, 2010


My friend, Anita, and I signed up for a half marathon a few months back. Its safe to say that she is my best pal at work thus far. I really like her as a person, and I really like that she likes to run as much as I do, meaning several times a week over the lunch hour. Its also fun to hear stories about her daughter, Hannah, who has officially entered high school as a ninth grader. Who Hannah is going to ask to the upcoming dance. How she is doing having joined the cross-country team and finally started to make some friends within the group. Ah, so fun.

I signed Tyson up for the half marathon too, without even asking him. We had been talking about doing a race and when the price to enter was $5, I figured if he didn't want to do it I would not be out more than the cost of a latte. And this picture of us came out all weird in the ways of lighting and color, so, I guess I decided to make it sepia or something. This was not an artistic attempt. Sweet flexing. And sweet Forrest Gump long locks, Tyson.

In any case, it was the fastest half I have ever completed. Without really training I decided on race day to attempt to run a 1:50 = exactly half the time required to qualify for Boston (3:40 for a full 26.2 miles). As I rounded the pool signaling that it was the half-way point, and started to run back the way I came, I began to nearly sprint. I continued what felt like a sprint for the duration of the race and after 55-ish pretty uncomfortable minutes, I finished in 1:55:35. Definitely pushed myself. But I'm happy with my time. That Boston Marathon keeps tugging at the corner of my brain and we'll see, maybe next year I will give'r an official go.

Congrats to Anita and Tyson, too!
Happy November!

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