Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week Two< Parents' Road Trip.

So we headed south to visit my parents who were occupying a lovely RV spot on the waterfront of Sauvie Island - just twenty minutes outside of Portland. In an ironic twist of fate, my friends Lindsay and Matthew have become their sidekicks in the world of all things long, four-wheeled and adventure led.

We finally rolled in Friday evening with careful instruction to heed the 5mph sign on account of many chickens running free on the remote island. We popped open a bottle of champagne and stuck a few candles on cupcakes in honor of my Papa's birthday and Tyson's mom's birthday. Let the weekend on the island begin <

That night just a few trailers away, we joined Lindsay and Matthew to sleep in their 18.5 feet of glory while the adults appropriately slept in my parents' RV. I found myself continually amazed that my friends had spent the last five months existing in this same 18.5 feet of space. And though the island was beautiful and completely relaxing, it still didn't take away from the very fact that well,...frankly I don't know many people my age who choose to co-exist in such a way. Living in a trailer. Going to work each day. I know from talking to Lindsay that the decision to live on the island for the summer was not easy, but soon she realized the it wasn't going to last forever and in fact, it was an opportunity. She started volunteering at a start-up CSA farm down the street that gave her weekly amazing fresh produce for $7. She and Matthew road bikes all around the island and on some days filled buckets of hand-picked black berries.

Lindsay and Matthew shared a kinship with my parents too. When they purchased their Airstream Linds and Matthew actually bought it from a man in MN. And when they traveled to MN to pick it up they stopped by my parents' farm meet them and have dinner. I remember thinking it was really fun to have some of my west coast friends see my roots and meet my parents. And now nine months later my parents returned the favor by buying an RV in Oregon and descending upon Portland to reunite with Lindsay and Matthew.

The four of them are adorable. They share a common experience but they are also friends. And there is something really great about seeing your parents through your friends' eyes. Lindsay and Matthew absolutely love my parents and they cannot get enough of them. They see my parents as inspirational and adventurous. They ask them for advice. They rave about Mama and Pops and soak up time with them like a sponge. I swear I think the four of them might even have inside jokes.

So on Saturday we crawled out of our trailers and we all went to brunch. Later we headed over to the CSA farm for a harvest celebration. I hesitate to use the word magical, but it really was. They had a large barn that was open on both ends and twinkle lights dangled from the rafters. Outside was a brick oven the young farmers had constructed to bake wood-fired pizzas. We watched all kinds of people chop veggies from the farm, roll out dough, and add homemade cheese to the tops. One after another the pizzas showed up and we ate until we couldn't put another slice in our mouths if we wanted to.

Then on Sunday the ladies picked blackberries while the guys went off to some 'Camper World' or 'Home Depot' or something manly-ish.

The result was a giant brunch feast of pancakes with blackberries, and eggs and sausage while sipping coffee and looking out at the Columbia River. It was really great.

I just had the best time with my parents on the west coast. They are so fun and I appreciate them in my life more than ever. I wish them well in the remainder of their journey and I'm so happy I was able to share in a little bit of the adventure. And as we pulled way to head north for Seattle, I watched the four of them link arms and wave at us driving away. I was pretty sad to say goodbye. What a unique experience and one I'll never share again. My friends, my parents, on an island, in Trailers, on the west coast. Pretty awesome.

I love my parents. They really do rule.

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hales02 said...

What an amazing story shared...I can just taste the deliciousness and smell the barn like I was there with you. Your parents do rule. Love you.