Monday, September 27, 2010

The best weekend ever.

I was trying to think up something witty or creative for a title, but really, that pretty much sums’er up.

What a great weekend!

First off, there is nothing better than a Friday night where I do not have plans. The fact is, there is always something to do. If you really want to get out and see people, more than likely there are options. But if you do not, and you just want to walk through the door knowing the remainder of the evening is yours and yours only, well that is just lovely. I made a quick list and zipped off to the grocery store and then returned to make swiss chard lasagna with a glass of red wine in-hand. Pandora was rocking my world with one good song after another and when I flopped down on the couch to watch a little movie around 10:30, instead of feeling old and boring I felt totally relaxed and happy. Giddy even.

Saturday I was up early. The day was straight out of the definition of what a great fall day should look like. Sunny. Leafy. Blue skies. People in corduroy but also still in t-shirts. I slowly crept along the 7.5-mile loop of Lake Union, running to the beat of yet again Pandora now on my iPhone. I returned home to do an hour of scheduled cleaning while Ira Glass spoke about Crybabies. Then I headed out into the sunshine and eventually sat for coffee at the Joe Bar for a few hours of the afternoon. I painted my fingernails orange. I talked to Kes on the phone.

Tyson came into town and we decided to head over to Fremont for the Oktoberfest beer tasting event. When the difference in ticket options was five tastings or ten tastings we took one look at the teeny cup and went for the ten. After sampling microbrews from WA, Colorado, California and german-style beer from both East and West Germany, we started to realize that mayyyybe ten was a bit too much. Alas, it really was a good time. And nothing a stop at the taco truck at midnight doesn't go well with.

After some coffee and interesting pancakes, we saddled up on Tyson’s motorcycle for a long, windy ride through the Magnolia neighborhood looking out at the Puget Sound and evntually landed at the Ballard Farmer's Market yesterday.

I felt like I was beating a dead horse but I could not get over what a perfect fall day/weekend it was. Leaves were all over the place lightly blowing in the corners of the street. Vendors sold all kinds of late summer/early fall produce. We ordered a couple of lattes and sat outside a little café watching kids and dogs and an elderly man play the accordion in the sunshine. Life was pretty slow and pretty great. I remember thinking, if I could actually bottle up my happiness in that moment sitting across from Tyson with my coffee in-hand, I could put it on a shelf for those inevitable not-so-great days. Then we popped over to Bess’ house to watch the rest of the Seahawks game and returned home just in time to make black bean enchiladas and watch a movie with Rob and Claudia.


I woke today to the nightmare that is Monday. Oh well.

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jamieofalltrades said...

A good Seattle fall day is a rare gem!