Saturday, August 21, 2010

Road Trip.

As my parents gear up for their 40th wedding anniversary Road Trip, I can't help but get so excited for them. My dad's been tweaking and tightening up their 1970s camper - Matilda - while my mom has been reupholstering the furniture inside and sewing new curtains. I must say, the authentic wall paper and wood grain finishes are absolutely adorable and true to the era of the camper, along with some solid upgrades like real wood flooring instead of shag carpet.

Their tentative route starts with a rumble down Strehler's dirt road heading southwest to San Francisco. From there they will drive up the CA coast through Oregon to Washington and eventually to Seattle, before heading back home through Montana and the northern states.

I wish them so much goodness, laughter and patience on their journey. After forty years together they deserve nothing but the best in this experience. I'm so proud of you Mama and Poppy for jumping off this cliff and making this trip happen! Here's some inspiration for what I hope is the best trip of your lives! Simple goodness.

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