Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I just finished The War Tapes (documentary trailer in an earlier post). I really can't imagine anything like being at war. These men and women are faced with such absolute fear and adrenaline. Their fear and ignorance creates a state of mind so unthinkably screwed up. Some of the soldiers made derogatory comments about the Iraqi people throughout the film that aboslutely enraged me. These soldiers don't learn about the culture of Iraq. And ignorance breeds prejudice...then hate. ...but then I try my hardest to put myself in their shoes and the madness they face on a daily basis. How could a person possibly think like a sane human being? I watched the families living back here in the U.S. while their partners fought. When the soldiers returned there was footage of the planes landing and the buses of soldiers rolling down the road to meet their families while people saluted. Chills. Thinking about those men and women and what they faced and now they are home. Home will never, ever be the same. Though I have never supported this war and have never agreed with the reasons given to invade Iraq, I really hope some sort of worthwhile outcome is possible.

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