Tuesday, April 3, 2007

john and teresa heinz kerry

Tonight I went and saw Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry speak. They have co-authored a book called "This Moment on Earth. Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future". It was really fun to see Senator Kerry speak and even more so to see his fiery wife. Much of the information wasn't new about global warming, the current administration and their lack of leadership in making responsible laws for the sake of the environment and ways we can change our lifestyles to try and leave this earth better than when we entered it. One tiny interesting tidbit was just a quick comment about Asia and their escalators? I didn't realize they are putting in escalators that stop moving when no one is on them! Nice idea. And I specifically remember being in China and having to put the hotel room key in a slot in order to operate the lights. That way, its impossible to leave them on wasting energy all day. Why don't we do that here? At one point during the Q&A at the end, a crazy right-wing gal (not saying right-wing people are crazy, this gal was) got up to the mic and started a small uproar. It was great. Teresa went over right next to the gal and they had some banter and I loved it. In the end I had my book signed by both John and Teresa (that's me in the picture with Teresa!)...however, both the woman in front of me and behind me hogged Senator Kerry's ear and I didn't even shake his hand or say hello. I would've asked him to give Barack a high five and asked who he's voting for in '08. ahh well. Note the great 12 year old with the Barack t-shirt (and John and Teresa in the background). Love it.

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Haley said...

Love it, Fran - I SO WISH that I could have been there with you.
Kudos, doll.