Sunday, February 25, 2007


I spoke to my grandma today. I asked her if she was going to watch the Oscars tonight. "Oh of course." she said. "I've got new pjs and I'm going to keep my earrings on. I sort of wish I had a frilly, sexy top for my pjs in honor of the event, but alas I'll settle for what I've got." Have you ever heard anything so wonderful!? Grandma Peg could be quite possibly the best, little angel in my life. I wish I could package her up into a little box and give her away as a present to people so all could experience her wisdom, gracious soul and unconditional support.

On a somewhat related note, I saw Babel this weekend and the soundtrack is absolutely great.


Haley said...

My dear Frannie -
I was so touched by this entry. Your grandma Peg is a wonderful blessing and she is an always will be your angel. She inspires me...
I'd love to get to spend more time with the both of ewe. Olives.

Sally said...

I finally got to checking your blog. Good stuff, my friend. I miss you!