Friday, August 3, 2012

Lazy post, three.

Our Chicago pals, plus two of their favorite couples, descended upon Portland last week for their big summer trip. We were lucky enough to join them for part of it - their final night in Portland and then a couple days on the coast in Cannon Beach, OR - before they headed to wine country to round out what sounded like an incredible trip overall. Geez, Portland, Beach, Wine country. Not a bad way to spend eight days with your best friends.

They stayed at the Ace Hotel in Portland and if you haven't been there I highly recommend it. The design and decor and the Stumptown Coffee in the lobby make for a great experience.
We drove to Cannon Beach on Saturday and though initially it was chilly the afternoon sun, the wine and a volleyball made for an awesome day. We played for hours and watched the sun go down during an all-out, uber intense volleyball session. It was nothing short of awesome.
Let me just also say that our Chicago friends, Dave and Jen, are two of the greatest people. We were married within two weeks of each other. We spent four days in Rome on our honeymoons together. And yet again, we managed to find a way to meet up and have the best time ever. I'm happy to call them friends.

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I want a rematch... and so does the claw!