Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Because I have had a crazy week at work.
Because I am leaving tomorrow morning for Utah and have not packed.
Because I cannot sit in front of the computer for another second...

I will keep this post short.

However, it is with great weight I must stress that my birthday, of which has not even happened yet and will actually arrive this Saturday, has been totally stellar so far.

If I can start by saying that I love my birthday, and I'm pretty sure I wrote about it last year in the same drunken giddy. I love it even more when my birthday stretches out beyond the one day a year allocation and maybe takes up a week or something. This year it started with a package in the mail shipped from MN by none other than dear and lovely Jora. She is the best! She sent me the coolest necklace and earrings and I have already worn them and received compliments. You rock! Sigh...

Then, as I yammered on in the car en route to dinner on Friday night we pulled the car over. We were lost. A glance to the right and Rob says, "Maybe we should just go here." Here being Skate King. And just as the words, "This would be awesome." fell out of my mouth, a group of familiar faces came into focus. SURPRISE! It was a surprise party! I have never had a surprise party and not only that but I never felt it was actually possible! I am, after all, a very snoopy and curious person! In any case, it was a glorious evening of fun and laughter and shocking nostalgia for all things sparkly when you are in junior high:

+ Free refills on soda all night.
+ Pizza.
+ Cupcakes.
+ Balloons. Better yet, a giant BALL of balloons.
+ Ice cream contained in a small, single-serving cups.
+ Shoot the duck.
+ Zooming in circles and circles while skate-dancing to Justin Bieber. (insert squealing from 12 year-old girls. And probably boys too.)
+ The crane game, which I'm convinced just steals your money.
+ Boys being mean but really they are flirting - witnessed this in action that night when a fourteen year-old boy made fun of a girl for being just ten. "I am ten, but I'm going to be eleven soon." She said meekly. Yeah, well I am almost 32. Make fun of that!

It was pretty much awesome. Friends are so awesome. Thank you to all who make me feel special!

Normal people:

Crazy people:

Thank you friends! For making the week before my birthday so special and hilarious and great!


bess said...

You *are* special! Happy birthday!

Jamieofalltrades said...

Happy Birthday, girl! Xoxo